Layer Equipment:

Wamba Farming Equipment provide you not only the equipment, but also the automatic rearing system solutions for farm management, maintenance and top value after-sale service; Our design and researching department can meet all kinds of creative projects required by the customers; The design and technology center will improve producing efficiency; Our installation technologists will offer you specialized installation service; Our after-sale service will provide you service during the whole period within and after the warranty period.

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Work Principle: By rotating the auger spring, feed is delivered from central silo to near-house silos, or from near-house silo to hoppers. Feed sensor at the end of feed lines can automatically control the motor for automatic feed delivery.

Use: Suitable for poultry main feed delivery, differentstage birds, save manual labor.

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Galvanized silo

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  • Double-sided galvanized sheet, highly anti-corrosive.
  • High intensity support.
  • Specialized flow line protection, top accuracy and simple installation

  • High efficiency chain feed line

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  • The chain type feeding is fast, with low noise and stable operation
  • The feed is distributed uniformly, and the stale feed may be refreshed
  • Each layer of the feeding line is in isolation operation without affecting the chickens eating the feed
  • The feeding the line is equipped with a safety pin that may be cut off during motor overload to protect the motor
  • It operates stably and reliably and require less maintenance
  • The entrance TS corner does not need lubrication maintenance
  • The corner cover is transparent for the convenience of observation of internal corner
  • The entrance TS chain is of large bearing force, which is of long service life without deformation
  • Appropriate hardness, high tensile strength and low ductility
  • Cage system

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  • The system is installed with nipple drinker in the cage. Wamba nipple drinker is produced in fine processing workshop, 100% no leaking. V shape water trough collects water whiles the birds drinking, lower the waste of water to the maximum.

  • The regulator is installed with a re-flushing function. We can set the reasonable water pressure to reduce the nipple opening pressure. We can clean the water line through re-flushing.

  • C shape conveyor belt support, make sure the manure will not fall on the equipment, keep the cage system clean.

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  • All the mesh are made of aluminum-zinc wire, it is 3-4 times anti-corrosive than the hot galvanized ones.

  • Slide cage door: act as a sliding grill, limited with plastic piece, easy for operation. It's convenient for the birds in and out.

  • The bottom mesh is mounted to the tensioned steel wire It′s with higher flexibility, which reduces the egg breaking rate to the maximum.

  • There are egg protecting baffle board at the inner side of feed trough, preventing the birds from pecking the eggs and at the same time, keep the manure forms plashing to the feed trough under.

  • The bottom mesh and isolation mesh are fixed with nylon suspension piece, It′s anti-aging, with high intensity and good toughness.
  • Electric lifting system

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  • Chain + U shape egg collecting draw.
  • Strong egg collecting capability.
  • Simple conveying chain, stable and reliable, easy to maintain.
  • No changing the egg moving direction, less broken eggs.
  • Round bar transmission device
  • Clean the egg will the rod rolling, adjust the egg position.
  • There is a collecting tray at each layer collecting soft shell egg and dirty stuff.
  • The egg collecting deflecting device makes sure the egg evenly distributed on the lifting system.
  • Reduce the egg rolling speed from the egg lift to the center collecting position.
  • Egg buffering device on two sides of cage

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  • Make sure the egg smoothly roll to the longitudinal egg collecting belt.
  • Make the humidity of eggs evaporate on the bottom mesh, reduce the possibility that dust and feather get sticky on the shell.
  • The egg picking time and frequency can be adjusted as per customer requirements.
  • High quality PP egg collecting belt (with/ without holes)
  • Low extending rate quite slight contraction or expansion caused by the temperature changing
  • Anti-contamination, static electricity and dust resistant.
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  • High efficiency motor, make sure the belt transmission running stable and reliable.
  • Rubber coated driving roller and sectional rubber coated tensioning roller make sure the belt pasted with less manure and no belt slippery.
  • The manure scraper is a little soft, effectively protects the pp conveyer belt. Double scraper ensures the cleaning effect of the conveyor belt. PU material, with long service life.
  • The conveyor belt is controlled by motor and running in 360°continuously, which always keep the belt under the bottom mesh clean, reduce the possibility of birds pecking manure.
  • The two sides of conveyor belt support is a little higher, prevent the manure from spilling out.
  • Transverse and slanting manure removing machine, hot galvanized frame, natural rubber conveyor belt, fast manure removing speed.
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    The system is installed with nipple drinker in the cage. Wamba nipple drinker is produced in fine processing workshop, 100% no leaking. V shape water trough collects water whiles the birds drinking, lower the waste of water to the maximum.

    The regulator is installed with a re-flushing function. We can set the reasonable water pressure to reduce the nipple opening pressure. We can clean the water line through re-flushing.
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    50" Fan

  • Frame panel, shutter and cone are with high anticorrosive material, hot galvanized material (275g/m2) or superdyma panel, anti corrosive, with good appearance, and incomplete body stamping form.
  • Detachable shutter body, with easier installation and maintenance.
  • Cross-type blade support, with more reliable fan.
  • Axial-flow Ventilation Fan with Centrifugal system
  • Centrifugal system can open the shutter automatically with power on. Smooth operation, low noise and consistent air flow.
  • When power is off, shutters close under the action of gravity and spring. Shutter pieces close tightly with good sealing effect.

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    28”Constant Speed Roof fan

  • Applied for poultry house ventilation, integral forming by PE (polyethylene), resistant to sunlight and frost, highly anti-corrosive and durable.
  • Blade is made of nylon fiberglass material, it’s of high intensity and anti-corrosive.
  • Fan inlet kit is controlled by air valve actuator, which can open or close the baffle plate to prevent air from returning.
  • Rain shield or rain collecting plate for your option to prevent rain leaking in. The rain shield will reduce the air flow by 20-25%, whereas rain collecting plate only reduces the air flow by 3-5%.
  • Roof Fan

  • Applied for poultry house ventilation, designed with rain shield or rain collecting plate and auto shutter, this roof fan effectively prevents rain leaking and air returning. The shell is made of fiberglass, anti-corrosive and long-lasting.
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    Made with specially chosen highly qualities PS project plastics, solid and durable, anti-aging and anti-UV.

  • Structure of the upper edges of the windows with air tight design, closer after closing, this design could help your poultry house isolate from outside.
  • Wind air directing board situated in both sides of the windows, effectively preventing the wind from blowing down, letting fresh air flush into the center of the birdhouse, spreading it evenly, and ideal effect for air exchanging.
  • Best position to install the spring for closing the flap, prevent the flap from bending due to long term using.
  • Strengthen design prevent the shape changing of the air- inlet.
  • Anti-bird mesh, prevent the wild bird from fly in, and the special design will not block wind from blow in.
  • Possible to add wind deflector Air inlets could be opened at three angels to make ventilation uniformly.

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    Light trap

  • The light trap panel adopts PVC material, flame-resistant and climate enduring, it’s with high intensity and geometry stability, highly resistant to oxidant and reductant, as well as strong acid.
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    1. 3 Layer insulation panels (FRP+PS+FRP), nice heat insulation effect.

    2. Continuous EPDM foam sealing strip, strong sealing performance.

    3. Insulation performance is 8 times of the regular rolling curtain when completely closed in winter.

    4. Designed with suffi cient reinforcing ribs to prevent panel door from deformation and bad sealing caused by it.

    5. Each reinforcing rib is mounted with an adjustable pull arm, which serves to shut the panel door tightly with only little strength.

    • Clear the ventilation dead angle amount by cooling pad during tunnel ventilation.
    • Clear large area of ventilation dead angle around side wall during tunnel ventilation.
    • Better control of the fresh air fl ow and direction.
    • Saving 15% of the heating costs compared with regular rolling curtains.
    • The opening amount can easily be adjusted by the climate controller.
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    Controller system

  • Wamba Farming Equipment climate controller is an automatic climate controller which is specially used in standard poultry houses.

  • It contains standard environmental ventilation parameters of different growth periods, control the ventilation, exchanging air and alarming system automatically.

  • The operation is simple and reliable. It combines the specific conditions of our country poultry industry, adapts to South Africa’s national condition, and satisfied the demand of mass breeding base.
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